Advanced Forecasting System for Proactive Airport Passenger Flow Management


Airports, especially in Europe, are facing a common problem of increasing passenger numbers versus limited space and capacity. In the long term, new infrastructure must be built to cover this demand. Until a new building is up and running, which takes years, the existing capacity should be used as efficiently as possible. This requires smart and innovative approaches to enhance productivity to the highest possible levels.

Therefore, Amorph Systems has developed an innovative software product called, which provides airport operators with continuous, accurate, near-term forecasts of passenger flows and an ability to simulate operational impacts.

The system has been deployed at Frankfurt Airport (operated by FRAPORT AG) as a project solution, verifying the utility of short-term capacity prediction.

The potential for the concept is however much greater, offering advanced abilities to proactively control and optimize passenger flows over longer planning horizons.

The AERFOR project will develop into an innovative standard software solution, with enhanced planning, as well as real-time forecasting capacity, for commercial introduction into the European and international market.